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About Our Team


Together We Achieve More


Our Team: It’s not about the strength of just one individual player, but the strength of the entire Team. Each player works as a part of the Team that achieves success. A few details of our Team efforts are described below:


Once the player’s ability and interests are recognized, they are utilized in the most efficient manner and to the player’s satisfaction.These areas of interest include house hold skills such as sewing, stitching, embroidery, jewelry making, block printing linen, making envelopes, paper bags and much more.


Individuals with computer skills educate all the needy about the basic use of a computer.


Yoga experts and individuals with physical training skills teach yoga and self defense, especially to children and women.


Motivational speakers help motivate and inspire women and seniors to become independent


For children, we are organizing field trips to natural environments such as parks, lakes, rivers, mountains, zoos, bird watching, etc.


Feeding homeless and providing them with basic needs including clothing, etc.