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About Us


Manibaa Charitable Trust


Maniba Charitable Trust is a Registered Nonprofit Social Organization. The goal of this organization is to raise public awareness, provide better living conditions for orphaned and abandoned children, empowering women and senior citizens to improve their lives.


The impact of poverty, illiteracy and homelessness is more so on children, especially of those families who are migrating to survive. These families struggle to care for their children in terms of nutrition and education so at times turn violent and abusive towards their children.


Majority of women in our society are still dependent on others and have no means to support themselves when need arises. Necessary skills to survive are difficult for them to achieve unless they find support from organization like Maniba.


Many senior citizens are very dependent on their children during their retired life. Some of the seniors are uncared for or abandoned and have no place to go. This is where Maniba Charitable Trust wants to provide help so that the seniors can live happy and purposeful lives